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 EuroLevel s.r.o. 
 U křížku 1642/22
 37316 Dobrá Voda u Č. Budějovic

 IČO: 280 67 606


 Hotline GSM: + 420 604 911 518
 E-mail: eurolevel@seznam.cz



Permit to broker employement

no. UPCR-2011/6225/4

Job center of Czech republic



Insurance against bankruptcy

no. 5900005342

Slavia pojišťovna a.s.





EuroLevel s.r.o. - company focused on providing quality inspection, rework and sorting service, parts modification and personnel outsourcing

Outsourcing - subcontract of personnel

  • short- or long-term increase of customer’s requirements

  • solving of unexpected and extreme increase of customer’s requirements

  • substitution in the course of holiday

  • our staff are managed directly by the customer and is not officially registered in the customer’s permanent position


Inspection and sorting service

  • input, output inter-operational and stock verification

  • sorting and inspection including identification

  • length and angle measuring

  • functional control

  • documentation service


Rework and adjustment

  • rework, adjustment and finalization with the assistance of tool equipment



  • acceptance of the production or its part in our own premises

  Sorting Inspection Assembly


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